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Sometimes an applications preference file can become corrupted, causing very strange crashes not experienced by the majority of users. Below are instructions to delete the corrupted preference file. Once deleted, launching the program again will create a fresh uncorrupted preference file. NOTE : Deleting the preference file will erase all settings and local best rounds!

Simply delete the application off of the device and re-download it from iTunes. To delete hold your finger on the application icon until it wiggles, then press the “X” on top of the application. Any in-app purchases can be restored, as long as the same iTunes account is used neither the game nor the in-app purchases will be charged again. The only exception is mulligans in GL Golf/GL Golf Deluxe, these consumable items cannot be restored.

Open your home user directory and then open the folder called Library. Starting with Mac OS 10.7 Lion, Apple has hidden the Library folder. If you do not see it, use to the Go->Go to Folder… menu, type library, then press the Go button. Once inside, find and open the Preferences folder and delete the corresponding file


Mac App Store Users

Shareware Users

1. Home Folder


1. Home Folder


2. Open Library


2. Open Library


3. Open Containers Folder


3. Open Preferences Folder


4. Delete Folder


GL Golf -> com.nuclearnova.mac.glgolf
Nova Golf -> com.nuclearnova.mac.novagolf
Rocket Golf -> com.nuclearnova.mac.rocketgolf
Pinball Massacre -> com.nuclearnova.mac.pinballmassacre
Barnyard Blaster -> com.nuclearnova.mac.barnyardblaster
Escape -> com.nuclearnova.mac.escape
Liquid Defense -> com.nuclearnova.mac.liquiddefense
Hydrothermal -> com.nuclearnova.mac.hydrothermal
ASCII Art -> com.nuclearnova.mac.asciiart

4. Delete File


GL Golf -> GL Golf.plist
Nova Golf -> com.nuclearnova.novagolf.plist
Rocket Golf -> com.nuclearnova.rocketgolf.plist
Pinball Massacre -> com.nuclearnova.pinballmassacre.plist
Barnyard Blaster -> com.nuclearnova.barnyardblaster.plist
Escape -> com.nuclearnova..escape.plist
Liquid Defense -> com.nuclearnova..liquiddefense.plist
Hydrothermal -> com.nuclearnova..hydrothermal.plist
ASCII Art -> com.nuclearnova..asciiart.plist

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