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Welcome to Nova Golf, the finest golfing game on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod! A followup to the award winning game GL Golf, Nova Golf is sure to keep you entertained and immersed for countless hours. Redesigned from the ground up, Nova Golf has everything both casual/hardcore gamers and frequent/weekend golfers could want.

• Realistic ball physics – Everyone will enjoy the simple realism while avid golfers will be able to shape every shot and watch the ball react to all surfaces and lies
• Stunning 3D graphics – Nova Golf adapts to each computer for the best image quality while always maintaining a smooth framerate
• Unique courses – Locations from around the world feature distinct styles of both play and appearance. You’ll know if you’re in the Pennsylvania forest, Arizona desert, or on the Scottish coastline
• Customizable characters – Level up five playing statistics while managing each avatar’s wardrobe and physical appearance
• Career mode – Play as both an amateur and professional and progress by winning the required qualifiers and tournaments
• Multiplayer – Challenge up to three of your friends and play at the same time
• Purchase custom clubs and golf balls using both virtual currency earned in game and through In-App Purchase
• High replay value – No hole is the same when varying the white/blue/green tees, five pin locations, and three environmental difficulty settings
• Custom music made specifically for Nova Golf
• Best rounds list for each course/difficulty setting

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• GL Golf, the predecessor to Nova Golf, is still actively developed and has over 35 unique courses! Thousands of golfers are posting scorecards online every day with this golf classic
• Pinball Shuffle and Pinball Massacre are two unique comic book arcade style pinball tables
• Barnyard Blaster is a unique shooter with plenty of weapons, animals, and environments
• Rocket Golf gives golf a new twist with its unique 2D side scrolling gameplay
• Liquid Defense, Hydrothermal, and Escape are our three classic puzzle/simulator games
• Fractal 3D and ASCII Art are our first non-game apps


  • iOS
    • iPhone 3GS+, iPad, or iPod Touch (3rd Generation+)
    • iOS 4.3+
  • Macintosh
    • Mac OS 10.7+, CPU Speed – 2.2 GHz, Memory – 2GB+, Video Ram –  256MB+
    • Recommended: Mac OS 10.7+, CPU Speed – 2.5 GHz, Memory – 4GB+, Video Ram –  512MB+
    • Notice: The following integrated video chipsets are not supported – Intel GMA 950 and Intel GMA X3100. These are found in the Mac Mini(2006, 2007), iMac(2006), Macbook(2006, 2007, 2008), and Macbook Air(2008). The following video chipsets may require lower graphics setting and/or may run slower than anticipated in certain circumstances – ATI Radeon X1600, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT. Experiment with the settings screen to find the best quality/speed balance for your individual system.




Coming Soon!


  • Jake Leveto – Programming , Course Design
  • Riley Hearn – 3D Modeling
  • Joseph Krzemienski – Creative Director
  • Paul Corvaisier – Music

20 thoughts on “Nova Golf

  1. I’m going to call my credit card company and tell them this is wrong you advertised $1.99 you’re charging me $6.99 that’s a rip off

    1. Calling my credit card company too. Cannot even get any play on it. I have I phone 6s plus. Bought additional course too. It has no options to start playing. No power. Impossible.

  2. I love this game and was addicted to WGT Golf before but prefer the old school graphics and easier putting. One question….when will you be able to purchase more courses!??

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Carl, we’re glad you’re enjoying the game! Unfortunately we don’t foresee any courses in the near future, at some point sometime down the line we’d love to revisit the game for some new courses/improvements though.

  3. I just purchased an iPhone X and nova golf shows only on 2/3 of the screen, not the full screen like it did on my iPhone 6. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Steven, We’re working on an update to fit the new screen sizes. Hopefully we can get it out sooner rather than later, unfortunately until then I don’t think there is a workaround.

    2. Has a work around been found? I purchased this and it still is 2/3 of the screen. The App Store still shows it full screen. It’s the icon banner for the other games that seems to be the issue.

      1. Unfortunately we have not found a workaround, something it the later os update and/or newer devices has broken the fullscreen mode. We do not have an update schedule at the moment though we would like to address this in the future, please contact Apple for a refund if you would like.

        1. Okay. Thanks for the reply. I will say, the golf tour (I think original) is a great game. Putting is very hard with slopes, but reply value is amazing overall. It’s nice to have a classic golf game. I’m 38 with kids and do not have the time to power up everything and compete with others who do. I love the game. Todays world needs more games made with your vision.

  4. Hi Jake. A while back you helped me out with a problem I was having with my Nova Golf. I was having a problem with my Mac overwriting my progress by restoring a back up that was a couple weeks old. I had to do a reinstall of my OS that predated the fix you gave me so now I’m back to the same issue. I didn’t keep the notes but I’m pretty sure you suggested I not back up NG on iCloud and then I think I had to delete a file from somewhere. Any chance you can help me resolve this again? I’ll make sure I file the notes properly in case this were to ever come up again. I appreciate it.

  5. I purchased Nova app and used it on my Mac OS. I even made further equipment purchases and I quite enjoyed playing the game despite a few minor problems e.g being a couple of feet from the pin with no putter only the driver.
    Unfortunately the app decided to ‘Hang’ and that was that. I had to force quit to get out of the app. It’s still on my Mac but inoperable; very disappointed and would not recommend Nova Golf

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