Nuclear Nova Software was created by Jake Leveto (then age 14) in 2002 to publish his first game, Escape, which was created for the uDevGames 2002 contest. While it didn’t finish at the top, it received lots of positive feedback and was improved upon to become a shareware game. With Escape selling successfully, Jake decided to create another game for the uDevGames 2003 contest. This is where GL Golf was born. GL Golf won the Editors Choice Award, and was then released as shareware in March 2004. Throughout the past years GL Golf has been updated numerous times and has evolved into a popular game with a loyal crowd of golfers. During the early stages of GL Golf, our 3rd game, Hydrothermal, was released. After a long hiatus, a fourth game, Liquid Defense, was completed in the summer of 2008. During the end of the summer, GL Golf was ported to the iPhone, which at one point has climbed into the top 50 iPhone applications. In the summer of 2009, the side scrolling game Rocket Golf was released for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Jake graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in May of 2010, with both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Microelectronic Engineering. Instead of joining the corporate world, Jake decided to go full-time working on game/apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. In the short time since graduation Nuclear Nova has already released Barnyard Blaster, Pinball Massacre, Pinball Shuffle, ASCII Art, Fractal 3D, Nova Golf, Disc Golf 3D, and has several other ideas in the pipeline. Stay tuned for updates!

Steve Wozniak and Jake Leveto, October 2007. Steve was one of the first Escape customers and helped inspire Jake to continue creating games