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  1. Been a long time since I played GL Golf and thought I’d give a go again but only have the basic 6 courses and used to have a bunch more. Not sure how to get them back so need you help.
    Here are the two serial numbers I have;

  2. Since my 2 old serial numbers seem to not be valid any more I went ahead and purchased the GLGolf from the app store and only got 6 courses. Now how do I get ALL of the other courses?

  3. This is absolutely the most arcane attempt to purchase I have ever come across. I want this program for my mac but no way to pay. Very frustrating. Oh well on to the next programs from another company.

    1. Hi Vern, Are you talking about the Mac App Store? It’s been the preferred method for distributing software for around eight years or so now, are you having issues with it? Which App/Game?

  4. Dir Sir:

    Please send me a promotional code.

    My serial number: REMOVED

    Thank you

    Te Chang Chao

  5. i have changed computer and would like to install GL Golf, I have serial numver but don’t know where to download it. Could you please send a link

    1. Hi Vik, Tournaments are free to play and run from the 20th-27th of each month. You do need the correct course from the Pro Shop to play however. If this was unclear Apple should provide a refund, they don’t give us developers access to individual sales for us to take care of though

  6. I just wanted to the say that this is really a special game in the making. It has a few quirks and bugs but I imagine in time that will all work itself out. It really seem like there’s a good team working on this. That said…

    The two player mode has problems after a few holes in at the part when it says “Gimme Shot” ,view angles are off at that point, he stands idle and just trying to get it in over and over. The sound is as if it goes in but won’t move on to the next hole.

    Unfortunate because I bought it because my buddy wouldn’t shut up about a golf game to play, frisbees much more fun and exactly same rules, so it was perfect! Until we loaded up two player mode anyways. Just my 2 cents 😉

    1. Sorry about the issues with the gimmies, we haven’t had a chance to update the game in a long time due to our new endeavor at novamaple.com . We do plan on getting an update out at some point to fix these bugs, sorry about the issues until then!

  7. GL Golf: I purchased several course packages, but I changed my iPhone, and the courses are all gone. Only St. Andrews remains. I do not have a serial number, I made the purchases a long time ago, although I may have received one at the time I do not remember.

    1. Hi Peter, if you use the Restore Purchases button on the Pro Shop page you should be able to get them back for free, or just trying purchasing them again with the same iTunes account and they’ll re-activate for free

      1. All of the courses I purchased are greyed out and I cannot re-purchase them. The Restore button does nothing at all.

      2. Jake, I don’t know how else to get in touch with you and anyone regarding GL Golf. So, I”m trying this.

        I recently purchased GL Golf for MacBook Pro. I used to play a long time ago. Everything worked great for about a month and I purchased a few extra course packs. I have many high scores on courses and competed in tournament. Now it doesn’t work. The swing bar does not function. Thus, the game doesn’t work and I”m out money. I tried all kinds of fixes. It’s impossible to find anyone to respond to questions about this game. I’m hoping Jake is still around somewhere and can help. Thanks

        1. Hi Jim, sorry to hear the game isn’t working. Can you give me more details on the swing bar not functioning? What version of GL Golf are you running? What year MacBook Pro and version of Mac OS X? We’ll get you going

  8. Got it. The screen has changed so that the courses are not listed on the first page, but on a separate page. All set now! Thanks for your help.

  9. Playing Birdie golf in Career Mode and advanced to Pinball shuffle Open! I get a popup message saying, “Purchase Course Pack in Pro Shop. I go to pro shop and do not see this option. I can not continue with this profile and play in new tournaments.

    I ended up buying a course that I thought was Course Pack as instructed but it is just another course and only can be played with practice mode. Send email to help and have not had any. It was 2.99 for one course! (dollars)

    Someone please help out!


    1. Hi Aerodarts, the Pinball Shuffle Open plays at Maple Bluff course, it sounds like you purchased a different course. I’m going to email you some additional instructions right after this post

      1. Hi,

        Sounds like what is going on. I did not read anything about buying Maple Bluff first.

        What I do to continue my career?


      2. Jake,

        Do you want to buy one Course Pack 4 for $2.99? This is the message for Borden’s Pass and the message for Maple Bluff is for one course pack for 2.99.

        Waiting to continue…

      3. JAKE! I am playing NOVA GOLF, NOT BIRDIE GOLF! Sorry about that.

        I think I am going to send email to sales also.

  10. Purchased extra mulligans (3) a couple days ago. $0.99. Now I don’t see them and trying to restore purchases isn’t working. Any help please?

      1. Thank you for your quick response. I thought that things bought in the “pro shop” stayed on the account and we’re not just one time use.

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