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I lost my serial number
I was never sent a serial number
My game won’t accept my serial number
My game won’t remember my serial number
My game crashes
My game runs slow
[GL Golf] I can’t play all of the courses
[GL Golf] I just bought the subscription, where are my new courses
Deleting Preferences


My game crashes or behaves funny
I’m having trouble download or transferring my game to my device



I have suggestions or comments

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I lost my serial number

Email with the email address and name used to purchase the game, along with the approximate date of the order

I was never sent a serial number

Most likely a spam filter somewhere along the line decided your receipt was spam, and incorrectly deleted it. Please check through any spam filters you have setup. Also, look through any receipts from your order.

My game won’t accept my serial number

First, delete the contents of the serial number box in the registration window. Next, copy the serial number exactly as shown in your receipt and press the Enter Serial button. Make sure all similar characters such as o/zeros and i/1s are correct. If you receive another message you may need to enter you previous serial numbers first, for example the expansion pack serial number will only work if the normal GL Golf serial number has first been entered. Subscription pack serial numbers will only work if the combo or course pack serial number has first been entered.

My game won’t remember my serial number

First try deleting the game preferences. Next, try repairing your computers Permissions in the Disk Utility tool located in the Applications->Utilities folder.

My Game crashes

When a game crashes you might see a crash reporter window. Press the Report button and another screen will come up where you will see a large text field. Copy and paste that field into an email to with information on recreating the crash.

My game runs slow

First, try to quit all other programs to free up system resources. Sometimes a system restart can help restore the system to its normal state. Next, make sure the graphics settings are not slowing down the game, features such as FSAA and anti-aliasing can cause performance issues. Also try reducing the window size. A preference reset should be the last resort.

[GL Golf] I can’t play all of the courses

The standard version of GL Golf is $14.95 and only includes the first three courses. The other courses require the expansion pack to play, which is available at for $12.95. New courses released after purchasing the game require the subscription pack to play. The subscription is $9.95 and allows you to play all 4 new courses released in the next year, at a rate of one every three months. If you don’t get the subscription pack you are still welcome to download any updates that are sent out, but the new courses will not be available. If you are interested check out the nuclear nova store at

[GL Golf] I just bought the subscription, where are my new courses

The subscription pack gets you the next 4 courses that are made over the next year. They are released every January/April/July/October. These courses are not done yet, but as soon as they are ready you will receive an email with all of the information to download the new course. Once you enter that serial number you will be all set in the future, and all you’ll have to do is download the link included in all update emails.

Deleting preferences

Click Here for more information 

I’m having trouble transferring downloading or transfering my game to my device
Please contact Apple Support

My game crashes or behaves funny
First try cycling the power on your device. Next try deleting the app off of your device and re-downloading, as long as you use the same iTunes account you won’t be charged twice for the app or any in-app purchases. If that fails please send a detail message to with as much information as possible.

My question was still not answered!

Please visit the Nuclear Nova Forum for questions, suggestions, and feedback. Alternately email Please include as much information as possible so that we can assist you.

63 thoughts on “Support

  1. Love this game!

    What was strange when I first opened the game Is the golfer was clearly not “me!” Then the swing button didn’t work properly. I shut down all other apps and shut phone off and restarted. “I’m” back but swing button still does not work.

  2. For me, I’m on iPhone 6, with the latest software and the latest version of gl golf deluxe. I’ve deleted, reinstalled, turned phone on and off multiple times and still the swing button doesn’t work.

    1. Still looking into it, the issue seems intermittent on my phone. Try moving around the swing box area, certain spots seem to work better than others at the moment, or enable double tap to swing in the Help menu

  3. GL Golf for iPad iOS needs a lot of work and upgrade: Weird things happen mostly at the end of a match… seems to continue beyond the last successful
    Ul put, and continuing presents a bunch of additional strokes necessary to complete the game for a final score, sometimes presenting a wild choice if club….really ver frustrating.

  4. After reading the comments made since January 2018 from other users; It appears a software fix is quite far away! I have experienced many of the problems that several users have experienced. Isn’t it time to get off top dead center and fix them? Or has Nuclear Nova Software nuked itself out of business.

    1. Which fix? Unfortunately Nuclear Nova has definitely taken a back seat to our maple syrup business and growing family, though we still do plan on updating the apps when we have time

  5. I deleted the golfer that I bought a lot of extra equipment! So, I now have a new profile and I think I lost my experience level and any equipment I bought for my golfer to improve my score.

    Can my profiles be restored? How about credits that I spent to improve my golfer, can my account be reimbursed?

    1. Hi John, You’re equipment should still be there, it’s game-wide whereas the experience is profile specific. Do you have any backups, such as Time Machine or anything online that backs of files? I have a back door way that I can help you with, I’d hate to see you lose all that progress. Send me a private email to and I’ll see what I can do

  6. I keep getting an Alert Golf box when I try to play a new game.
    “You are currently in a tournament, please resume that game or reset tournament progress to start a new game.”
    I never entered a tournament and I can’t figure out to “reset tournament progress”

  7. I am trying to play GL Lite, but there are ads covering the wind direction and the swing meter. Can these ads be moved?

    1. I’ll have to put out an update, what device/iOS are you running? With all of the new screen sizes it’s been tricky keeping things aligned correct everywhere!

  8. I keep getting an Alert Golf box when I try to play a new game. I can’t play any new games. It says “You are currently in a tournament, please resume that game or reset tournament progress to start a new game.” I never entered a tournament and can’t play any games. The message doesn’t go away. What do I do?

    1. Hi Bill. First, is the Resume button usable or is it grayed out? Next, are you on iOS or Mac? If on iOS please try deleting and re-downloading the game, if on Mac I have a another idea or two

  9. I can’t turn the music off. It’s ridiculously annoying. I try to untick in preferences but it doesn’t work.
    Please help. I just paid $20.00 Canadian.

  10. 1. I don’t understand the profile screen. I enter my name and NO-NAME-BILL is entered.
    2. How does the experience work? There doesn’t appear to be a full explanation.
    3. There is no full explanation on buying experience and purchases and what s the advantages of doing so?

    I think the Manuel leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. Hi William,

      1. You can change your name, keep pressing Delete until its empty then type Bill
      2. As you play in events you build experience and can upgrade your character
      3. This is totally optional and is another way to acquire experience other than playing events

      Sorry I can’t be more help, unfortunately we haven’t been able to work on our games in years now due to our new business at Nova Maple Syrup

  11. Hello,

    I have updated my iphone to IOS 13.2.2 and now I cannot use the swing function.

    I have been playing GL Golf for at least 10 yrs.


    1. Hi Reggie, what model iPhone? Can you upgrade to 13.3 and try? I just verified on my phone and haven’t heard any other reports like this yet, I’m not sure what’s going on

  12. Hi Jake,

    I love your Golf game. It is the only game I play on my Mac and mobile devices. Here is my question. I am considering upgrading my Mac to Catalina. Before I do, I want to be sure it will support Nova Golf.

  13. I recently bought a new iPad7 and reloaded my apps. None of the extra golf courses I had purchased are there.

    1. Hi Larry,
      First try the Restore Purchases button, that should get the course back. If that doesn’t help go ahead and try to buy the in-app purchases again. You won’t be charged twice as long as you are using the same iTunes account and already have purchased/downloaded them in the past. Mulligans/Balls/Experience are an exception to this since they are consumable, unfortunately they cannot be restored. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you

  14. On my iPod 6th Gen, both Golf Tour (Free) and GL Golf Deluxe are bugged on the course selection and pro shop screens. What should be the top line of choices on both screens is under the buttons at the bottom. This causes some courses to be unselectable and the course buying options in Deluxe to not line up with their numerical selection.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Phil, I’ll see if I can recreate this issue with the simulator when I get a chance to update. Sorry it’s lost priority in my life, I can no longer give GL Golf the dedication it once had, but the issue is written down now and I will get to it!

    1. My score card In GL Golf works fine in the day time ..then at nite it decides to not work correctly??? that’s strange …it doesn’t show the other computer 1,2,3,4 total scores or mine it does in the day . Plus when opening the game in daytime the letters in opening box are black ..but at nite they are white ..thats how I know its not going to work right . the game works fine but the fun at knowing what my imaginary competition has is important to me …. baffling. My lap top is a late 2019 Mac Book pro 16 ”.my desktop computer (iMac 2019 )works fine all the time … why the lap top issues … both have Catilina10.15.5. HELP

      1. Hi James, I just verified the issue on my Mac. Go to Settings->General and under Appearance change it to Light Mode from Auto or Dark. Unfortunately the dark mode feature added by Apple broke the score card, but it still works on light mode. I’ll add it to my update list but it’s been a while since I’ve updated GL Golf and don’t know when the next time will be. Sorry for the inconvenience!

        1. Thank you so much appears that it works at night now ….that was a great and prompt response …I really appreciate it and would also like to know how to get some new courses .. I had the older 2.35 version and we had so many courses .. why do we now only have 6.? … You had some really great courses . so many . I have the 14.99 version and would like to know what to do . Thanks again ….so far so good …we’ll see. Hopeing it is fixed. Sincerely..Jimmy Durso Jr.

          1. I’m glad it’s working! The courses are now available in the Pro/Course Shop page on the main menu, we no longer support the old shareware/serial number versions

  15. I previously posted a comment on ASCII Art no longer working on latest
    Mac Book Pro and latest Mac OS

    macOS Monterey
    Version 12.0 Beta (21A5506j)
    MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
    Chip Apple M1
    Memory 8 GB

    The download link you provided in related comments to this issue is working
    on this environment but I do not want to pay another registration

    This is my prove of purchase form the apps store can yo provide me with a
    registration code to remove the watermark please

    Purchase date from Mac APPS store

    Nov 20, 2015

    ASCII Art
    Nuclear Nova Software
    Write a Review | Report a Problem App Helmut’s MacBook Pro $4.99
    Subtotal $4.99
    Tax $0.39
    TOTAL $5.38

      1. Thank you so much

        Perfect its working you can add me to your test flight list when you get it back into the apps store to be released.

        Im a developer my self for Apple mobile and MAC OS development
        You have some impressive stuff

        Thanks for your support We needed this working my son was trying to
        use it for his art class project in school. You saved his week and got onto
        his hero list

        Thanks again

  16. Hello, the tee location and pin location option is blocking the options to play GL classic and Grand lake. I’ve bought every in app purchase I’m this game and desperately want to play these two courses!!!!

    1. Hi Alec, unfortunately it looks like one of the new screen sizes or iOS updates moved those buttons down. I’ll fix it on the next update, but I don’t have any clue as to when that will be, I’ve been trying to get to it for a while now Nuclear Nova is kind of on hold with the other business and family now. Apple will definitely refund the in-app purchases, I wish I could do that directly. Sorry I can’t be more help!

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