Rocket Golf


Rocket Golf gives golfing a new twist with its 2D gameplay and clean 3D graphics. Challenge yourself to 72 unique holes over four courses. Rocket Golf provides accurate game physics while maintaining an arcade feel. Up to four players can enjoy all of Rocket Golf’s features for countless hours, including online and local best rounds, water hazards, sand traps, variable wind, and much more


  • iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 4.3+
  • Macintosh running Mac OS 10.6.8+ with an Intel CPU




2 thoughts on “Rocket Golf

  1. It’s been over 8 years since new content was added to this game. It sucks, because this game has lots of potential, and it has a very cool concept. I also wish the mobile version should have the tracks from GL Golf.

    1. We’d love to improve this game, we even had a big re-skin planned at one point and additional courses, but unfortunately we don’t see any time for it or any of our other games. We do want to put an update out this fall/winter adding support for the new device sizes though

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