GL Golf Updated To 2.52

GL Golf has been updated to version 2.52 on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and is now live on the iTunes and Mac App Store. Please allow up to a day for the update to become available as it is still propagating through Apple’s system. The shareware version has also been updated. Check the Product Page for more information

2.52 (iOS)
Added a new 18 hole course, Nova Forest
Added Easiest Holes Two compilation course
Requires iOS 8+
Fixed swing button from starting swing while transitioning to a new hole

2.52 (Mac)
Added a new 18 hole course, Nova Forest
Added Easiest Holes Two compilation course
Added an option to disable Game Center

6 thoughts on “GL Golf Updated To 2.52

  1. Hi. I have all the courses but I noticed that ‘easiest holes 2’ is listed buy not highlighted, so I can’t engage it. Can you help?
    Thanks, Jeff

    1. Hi Bill, we’re looking into this issue now. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to reproduce the bug yet with our test iPhone 6+/6s+, so we’re a bit confused. For now you can try to to turn on the double tap to swing option in the help screen, and try clicking all over the edges of the swing button as a few users were able to find a sweet spot where it worked. The next update we’re releasing is going to make the button a little bit bigger too.

      This suggestion was recently emailed to us, and it seems to have worked for a couple of users “I am able to swing if I tap outside of the swing box. Approx 5mm to the left and 5mm up (from the upper left corner of the swing box)”

      Do you have anything changed on your phone that you could think of that may change it’s behavior? Usually when people report bugs we can verify and fix them but this one has been haunting us for a few months now with no ideas in sight.

      Sorry about the inconvenience,

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