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  1. Been a long time since I played GL Golf and thought I’d give a go again but only have the basic 6 courses and used to have a bunch more. Not sure how to get them back so need you help.
    Here are the two serial numbers I have;

  2. Since my 2 old serial numbers seem to not be valid any more I went ahead and purchased the GLGolf from the app store and only got 6 courses. Now how do I get ALL of the other courses?

  3. This is absolutely the most arcane attempt to purchase I have ever come across. I want this program for my mac but no way to pay. Very frustrating. Oh well on to the next programs from another company.

    1. Hi Vern, Are you talking about the Mac App Store? It’s been the preferred method for distributing software for around eight years or so now, are you having issues with it? Which App/Game?

  4. i have changed computer and would like to install GL Golf, I have serial numver but don’t know where to download it. Could you please send a link

    1. Hi Vik, Tournaments are free to play and run from the 20th-27th of each month. You do need the correct course from the Pro Shop to play however. If this was unclear Apple should provide a refund, they don’t give us developers access to individual sales for us to take care of though

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