Nova Golf Trees

Nova Golf now has seven distinct trees to work with. Four bushes and about five cactuses are almost finished too as well as several other objects you’d find on a course. Today we’ll start populating the first course with these new objects. In addition to the foliage, we’ve completed the single player campaign mode and are quickly running out of things to work on! Everything is still on track for late March, which will be a very busy month, so keep an eye out for Nova Golf along with updates to EVERY game/app we have.

2 thoughts on “Nova Golf Trees

  1. Jake,

    I don’t know if you remember me from past emails, I have the LAteST (last) update for the older GL Golf on my Mac G4 for OSX 10.4.11.
    I had the email until I got LAID OFF in early December. Since I no longer have access to that email and I had some email, hard drive replacement problems at home, I was just wondering what was going on with my subscription, or if there were any further consideration to older upgrades or support. Also are any of your older versions of game software still available for download? I don’t see them here!
    Please remove the old NASA email address and ADD my home address to your records if it is not already there.

    Roger Jones

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