Maple Syrup Bitcoin Sale 2015

We are proud to announce a new batch of maple syrup after last years Bitcoin Sale on ! The weather has finally warmed up here in northwestern PA and we’ve completed three boils for 21 gallons and plan on boiling every 4-5  days for the next few weeks until the trees start to bud. Below are this years prices, FREE priority mail shipping to the US! Unfortunately due to the weight it is not economical to ship to any other countries at this time. Note – This syrup is on the darker side, and has a stronger maple flavor than Grade A or amber. All grades of syrup have the same 67% sugar content.

      • EDIT : Thank you everyone for your support, we are sold out for the season. Come back in 2016, we should have lots more next year!
      • Pint – $16 – Sold Out!
      • Quart – $21 – Sold Out!
      • Half Gallon – $32 – Sold Out!
      • Gallon – $56 – Sold Out!
      • Custom Quantity – Sold Out!
        • 2 Quarts – $40
        • 3 Quarts – $56
        • 2 Half Gallons – $60
        • 2 Gallons – $102
        • 5 Quarts – $90
        • 3 Half Gallons – $92
        • 10 Pints – $110



Update – Shipment 1 is ready to go, unfortunately we ran out of mailing supplies so a couple of the bottles will have to go out later this week once we get more mailers!


2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Bitcoin Sale 2015

  1. Hello, I am interested in your syrup. However, is this Grade A or Grade B? I prefer Grade B (or darker, although Grade C gets a little too odd tasting for me). I do not really want Grade A, as it is too light.

    Let me know what you have and how to place an order.

    1. Hi Josh, I don’t think they sell grade C anymore except in bulk for commercial purposes, so this would be closest to grade B. I don’t officially grade it, I just know it’s dark and tasty, I wouldn’t say it has any odd tastes to it. If you’d like to try some go ahead and click one of the sizes on the post it and should take you to Coinbase for payment. Thanks!

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