iPhone 5S and 5C

Today we were lucky enough to get an iPhone 5s at 8AM through AT&T. Because we are located in a small town there was only a small line in front of the store at 6AM. We’ve already been hard at work updating our games for the new hardware, now we can finally verify what we’ve done and submit updates to Apple. We expect the iPhone 5C to run everything just like the iPhone 5.

Nova Golf and Disc Golf 3D will see the biggest improvements from the new hardware. We’ve already ran the apps at full quality and they look just as amazing as the Mac versions! That’s at a smooth 60 frames per second under some heavy scenes. All of our other games already ran at full speed on the iPhone 5, so the 5S will enable other goodies such as multisampling and anisotropic filtering, all while at maximum resolution.

We’re happy that Apple has discontinued the iPhone 4. As great of a devices as it was back in 2010, it has begun to show its age and really chokes on our new golf and pinball games. With the iPhone 4S as the entry level model we no longer have to worry about a poor user experience due to slow frame rate and lower visual quality.

Keep an eye out for updates on the app store to take advantage of these new features! The increase in frame rate comes free with the current versions, but the enhanced quality requires an update.

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