GL Golf Updated To 2.43

GL Golf has been updated to version 2.43 on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and is now live on the iTunes and Mac App Store. Please allow up to a day for the update to become available as it is still propagating through Apple’s system. The shareware version has also been updated. Check the Product Page for more information

2.43 (iOS)

Online monthly four-round tournaments
Character clothing pack
iPhone 5S/5C compatibility
New 18 hole course
Restored access to pro shop on iPhone/iPod (Lite)
New text engine for in game HUD
Added carry/roll distance stats for each shot
Added option to remove ambient sounds
Fixed auto look after holing out on multiplayer games
Requires iOS 6.0+
Less memory usage, increased stability
Better organized pro shop screen
Fixed random holes scores from not showing correctly
New icon (Deluxe)
Fixed potential crash after submitting scores at the end of a round
New top menu banner for iPad
Spin/Loft/Fade modifiers no longer changeable in backswing
Fixed stray ball icon rendering during shots
Removed Barnyard Blaster and Pinball Massacre ads from iPad menu
New affiliate links, removed Linkshare
Fixed pars on Oak Tree CC
Fixed three holes on Old Andrews

2.43 (Mac)
Character clothing pack for in-app purchase (MAS)
Extra mulligans available for in-app purchase (MAS)
Added a new 18 hole course
Fixed +- par scores on tournaments
Option to turn off ambient sounds
Spin/Loft/Fade modifiers no longer changeable in backswing
Fixed auto look after holing out on multiplayer games
Fixed bug where saving/resuming tournaments could lose progress
Fixed end game scorecard player names
Fixed memory leaks that could cause crashing after many rounds
Fixed several holes on St Andrew’s New, Borden Pass, and Oakmont
New affiliate links, removed Linkshare


  1. What happened to ambient sounds and laugh at bad shots?

  2. I am referring to crowd noise and crowd laughter. I have checked the settings and they are on but not audible anymore. The lawn mowers and birds are audible.

    • Are you on a Mac or iOS device? You turned off the ambient sounds and left other sound effects on?

      • I tried it both ways. I checked the Ambient Sounds on and the Sound Effects on. I checked my Bose computer speakers and they work just fine. Then I tried combinations of turning on one and shutting off the other – Ambient Sounds and Sound Effects. The crowd noise that used to accompany a hole in one OR an eagle along with the infamous crowd laughter at a bad shot are no longer available. I am using a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.5. Not a huge issue but just wondered what happened through the recent update. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        • Hum, strange I’m not exactly sure. I’ll definitely have this figured out for the next update though. I didn’t think GL Golf even ran on 10.5 anymore, maybe that is the issue?

  3. Jake, am I the only fan of GL Golf who is reporting this?

    • So far yes, no other reports. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening though, for everyone who reports the problem there are probably several who don’t

  4. Hey Jake…..please help my “failing memory”. How do I get the 2.43 update?

  5. My partner and I just played the new course “Spyglass Hill” tonight. It is a fun course.
    His score was -19 and mine -11, but when we clicked on record scores, it said he had a quad- bogey and it recorded a -15 for him. He never had one bogey.

    What causes this kind of scoring. It has happened before when we play the tournaments. Very discouraging.

    • This bug has finally been squashed and will be ready for 2.44. It took probably a year to track down but one user finally helped me pinpoint the exact cause. Until then sorry for the issue, and if it happens during a tournament email me a screenshot and I’ll fix the score online

  6. Played Final round of the tournament and it just was not very good, the ball was a disk, and I had to keep on resuming the game, and the auto aim stayed on throughout the round, it was real hard to play, I don’t know if it was because of the new operating system I install ?

  7. I just install Maverick, version of GL golf I have is 2.430

    • Strange, I cannot reproduce any of those symptoms, but I am working on the next update as we speak with the new OS, hopefully I can recreate something

      • It only happened in that last round of the tournament, do you know

        why did the ball turn into a disk?

          • /Users/dmmasonry/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 3.07.39 /Users/dmmasonry/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 3.09.11 PM.png

            Jake….. This is What I’m talking about, this is on spyglass, It’s happening about all the time. and it happens another courses, I really have a hard time playing the games anymore, friend of mine has a Mac and has the same problem,
            But not as much……….. I hope you can help me.

            ps…. It happened even before I installed the new operating system Maverick

          • You’ll have to email me the screenshot, you can’t post them onto the comments page

  8. Please stop sending me these messages. I haven’t played this game in 2 years Pleeeese!!!

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