Nova Golf Guide


  1. Introduction
  2. Main Menu
  3. Starting a Game
  4. Gameplay
  5. Career
  6. Pro Shop
  7. Achievements/Scores
  8. Preferences
  9. Additional Resources
  10. Tips
  11. System Requirements
  12. Credits


Welcome to Nova Golf, the finest golfing game on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac! While most of Nova Golf can be picked up through the in-game tutorial and by exploring the application, this guide is meant to explain some of the finer details.

Main Menu

  • Career Mode – Use this to create and customize profiles, level them up, and play in tournaments. More Info
  • Practice – Play 18 holes on any course or practice a specific hole with unlimited mulligans. More Info
  • Pro Shop – Upgrade equipment using credits earned in game or through In-App Purchase. More Info
  • Challenge a Friend – Email a friend with information on Nova Golf
  • Achievements – Various statistics for each profile and GameCenter achievements. More Info
  • Scores – Local top scores on each course/difficulty and GameCenter internet leader boards. More Info
  • Controls – Lists all hotkeys for controlling the game
  • Settings – Adjust gameplay and graphics settings. More Info

Starting a Game

The pre game menu can be intimidating at first, but after exploring all of the options it becomes simple. All orange text fields are adjustable, just click to change them!

  • Course – Choose between all available courses. Each course has unique terrain types and characteristics to make it unique
  • Profile – Pick any character created in the Career menu. Experience earned while practicing is applied directly to the selected profile
  • Mode – Full 18 is a standard round of golf, while Practice allows each hole to be played as many times, in any order, and gives unlimited mulligans
  • Difficulty – Choose the perfect challenge for you
    • Beginner – Slow and soft greens, firm fairways, low cut rough, less difficult bunker/desert/heather. White/blue/green tees available
    • Amateur – Medium green speed and firmness, semi-firm fairways, medium cut rough, more difficult bunker/desert/heather. Blue/green tees available
    • Pro – Fast and firm greens, soft fairways, high cut rough, most difficult bunker/desert/heather. Green tees available
  • Tees – Adjusts the length of the course. Green tees typically play 5-10% longer than the blue tees, which already play 5-10% longer than the white tees
  • Pins – Each hole has four possible pin locations. Typically D is the most challenging, followed by C, B, then A
  • Clubs – Choose 14 clubs using a driver/putter and any combination of woods, irons, wedges
    • The 52, 56, 60, and 64 options represent wedges with those degrees of loft. Often referred to as approach/gap/sand/lob wedges
  • Balls – Choose any available ball. Additional balls can be purchased from the Pro Shop with In-Game Credits earned during tournaments or In App Purchases
  • Club Quality – Choose which driver/putter and set of woods/irons/wedges to use. Choices are limited to available clubs purchased from the Pro Shop


The objective of Nova Golf is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. A shot can be broken down into four phase: Planning, Shot Select, Ball Flight, and Post Shot

  • Planning – Gather knowledge of the upcoming shot and plan accordingly
    • Center Screen – The estimated flight path is shown as a series of spheres, with a white landing zone at the end. This is a best case scenario that accounts for ball lie, wind, and any fade/draw/loft/punch modifiers
    • Top Left Screen – Distance to pin, and any vertical distance to compensate for. The club carry distance is listed directly beneath. This yardage is an ideal case, both a low accuracy stat and bad lie will cause random variation from this distance
    • Bottom Left Screen – Ball lie percentage. Fairways and greens are alway 100% and any other surface will drop the lie percentage. Shot power is directly proportional to this percentage and accuracy/spin are both negatively affected by it. The recovery stat of the profile minimizes the impact of a poor lie
    • Bottom Left Screen- Wind speed/direction. This updates after each shot, no need to sit and wait for the wind to change
    • Bottom Right Screen – Hole minimap. The ball flight path is estimated along with the landing zone, similar to the flight path in the center of the screen
    • Top Left Screen – Shot modifiers
      • Club – Switch between all fourteen clubs. Not all clubs are available on every shot
      • Fade – Spins the ball to the right, generally adds more backspin/loft and reduces distance.
      • Draw – Spins the ball to the left, generally reduces backspin/loft and increases distance.
      • Loft – Increases the trajectory of the shot, decreasing carry and roll
      • Punch – Decreases the trajectory of the shot, decreasing carry but resulting in more roll
    • Half-Power – While close to the green half power shots can be used for more precision.
    • The angle of which the ball lies on the ground effects the above modifiers
      • A slope going down towards the flight path increases punch while a slope going up towards the flight path increases loft
      • A slope going down towards the player increases draw while a slope going up towards the player increases fade
    • The View button gives several different views of the hole from various locations
  • Shot Select
    • Now you’re ready to hit the ball (Space Bar on OSX, Swing Button iOS). The first press will reveal the Power Meter. The teal area near the top represents 100% power, the red above represents an over swing and will reduce power. The number at the top of the power bar is the ideal carry of the selected club. For shots where the club has more than enough power to make it to the pin, a second number shows up below the maximum distance. This is the location on the power bar that should get the ball to land close to the pin
    • Next the accuracy bar appears. Always try to land in the middle, any variation will cause the ball to randomly push/pull and fade/draw. Poor accuracy selection also decreases shot power
    • Both the power and accuracy bar speeds can be slowed by increasing the profile accuracy stat. The bar speeds are increased by poor ball lies coupled with a poor recovery stat
  • Ball Flight
    • Once the ball is in the air sit back and enjoy the shot
    • Going in the water results in a one stroke penalty and the ball is placed at the last flat non-water location
    • Going out of bounds is a one stroke penalty and the ball is placed where it was last struck. There are no stakes marking OB, it is generally a few hundred yards away from any point of interest
  • Post Shot
    • The top right hand of the screen shots actual shot distance, broken down into the carry and roll portions
    • The shot flight may be viewed over again using the Replay button
    • One free redo per round is permitted with the Mulligan button, use it wisely!
    • In rare instances the ball may become impossible to hit. Use the Unplayable Lie button to move the ball back to an acceptable spot to drop, taking a one stroke penalty
    • Both the game scorecard and tournament results are visible with the Score button


The career menu allows for custom profiles to be created and progressed through a series of tournaments, earning experience and pro shop credits along the way.

  • The Active profile can be changed by clicking the Profile text
  • Profiles can be managed using the Add/Delete Profile buttons. A maximum of eight unique profiles are available.
  • Name changes are made by pressing the Name text
  • Appearance can be customized by pressing the Height/Weight/Shoes/Shirt/Pants/Shirt/Sex text
  • Experience is used to