At Nuclear Nova Software we are committed to creating entertaining, high quality games for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Whether you want to play a round of golf, bounce some pinballs around, hunt cartoon animals, build a space colony, or relax with one of our other games, Nuclear Nova Software has got ya covered. So step right in, find a niche that fits you, and have a blast.



Birdie Golf

Our latest and greatest golfing game


Total Disc Golf

Our second generation disc golf game

Nova Golf

The sequel to GL Golf, written from the ground up

GL Golf

GL Golf

3D golf game for the casual gamer


Disc Golf 3D

The premier disc golfing game for iOS and the Mac


Critter Crush

Barnyard Blaster Sequel

Pinball Massacre

Pinball, comic book style

Pinball Shuffle

Music themed table, sequel to Pinball Massacre

Rocket Golf

Side scrolling golf game with a twist

Barnyard Blaster

3D animal shooter

Liquid Defense

Liquid management puzzle game


Space civilization simulator


Classic overhead puzzles



Convert images to text art


Fractal 3D

Create and explore fractals

Coming Soon