GL Golf Feedback for the Mac and iPhone
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Post by sanmarcos » Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:32 am

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Post by Jake » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:41 pm

Wow, thanks for the long post!
First, I want to say that my list of things to add to GL Golf is VERY long, so I won't be able to get to everything right away. I like to update once per month, and I'm working on this part time, so I can't get to everything. I still have everything written down, it just might take a while to get to it.

******Jake, thank you so much for including some of my recommendations in the new release.
No problem, I wish I could get them all added sooner!

******The anti-aliasing is just BEAUTIFUL. You could change the fonts too, anti-aliasing would make them nicer. Try Helvetica, Lucida Grande, Monaco, Verdana.
I was impressed on how easy it was to add the FSAA, but I was disappointed to see that it didn't work on the fonts (the number one reason I wanted it!). Hopefully I'll be able to redo the text at some point, with AA and a different font.

******You could also enable anti aliasing by default, you could check if the video card is new enough, or if it supports core image, or something..
I'm planning on this but I wanted to get some feedback before I enabled it by default. Hopefully I can do this at some point, I just want to make sure I don't slow down the game for anyone. Its a shame apple is shipping such terrible video cards in their recent budget computers.

******After the user completes a shot (and the bogey, birdie text comes up), it would be nice if a black HUD box came up and said "Bogey, -1 (overall score), or something. Also, there is no need for a period after "Par." (maybe some others have it too)
I'll see what I can do, and I'll get rid of the period after Par. I also need to get the lines of text to line up better, I wish there was a center justification option.

******In the wind indicator, when there is no wind, you should gray it out, or say "No wind" instead of 0 mph.
Good idea, easy fix

******Everytime I end a hole, I press enter (after the score notification), sometimes I dont pay attention in the last hole, and I automatically press enter, clicking "View High Score list" accidentaly. You should unfocus it or add a delay.
Good idea, easy fix

******Also, (Enter Name Here) is still there, the name isn't being remembered (it should get it from the license or the Mac).
Hum... it's been remembering the last name I entered on my computer, I'll give that a try on another computer to see if it works.

******And why are there 4 text boxes in there, when only I am playing?, and why is the window named "Enter your name", and why am I called Player 1? Why is the view high scores button the only thing in there?, why cant I OK, or go back to main menu?, why is it positioned on the middle of the screen?
I grayed out the extra text boxes, but I probably won't get rid of them all together. Thats just the first name I came up with, and you are Player 1 because you haven't had a chance to enter your name yet. I might change it so that you enter your name before you start the game instead of at the end. I'll add those other buttons in case you don't want to view the high scores. I'm not sure why its positioned on the middle of the screen

******Also, why is the high score lists filed with Some Guy?, I cant even see my score, thats the only thing I care about, the games I played, not fake entries to fill the screen. If there are no scores, then put "no games played".
In the future I'll change Some Guy to No Games Played, but it probably won't go back and change the old names for you guys who already have the game

******Add an option for removing the animation when auto-focusing on the hole after a shot. (its pretty, but confusing tedious)
Ok, should be easy enough to do

******What course for subscription owners was released in October?.
Saint Andrews Jubilee

******Please seriously consider adding the Sparkle framework for updates, it would simplify it for users and for you checkout a video on how to add it to XCode (actually, no code is required, just IB connections) here
Still up there on my list

******Please consider using a standard Aqua box for the About dialog (and include the version number in there.
I'll add the version number and consider changing the graphics to something more consistent

******Consider a preferences window instead of a menu that will only get more cluttered with time. Just a standard NSToolbar window (like in all OS X apps).
I'll consider it, but I actually prefer them up in the menu and I don't know if its worth my time to re-program all of them or work on something else you suggested

******If you need beta testers, I am willing to do so and provide excellent feedback . Though I only have a Leopard, top-of-the line iMac to test against. You could consider limiting support for only Tiger and Leopard if you have issues.
I just dropped 10.2.8, and I'm doing some research to see how many people use 10.3.9. You will get instructions on how to sign up for beta testing on the next update email, and I'm pretty sure you will make a good tester!

******When you press Escape, there is no option to go back to the main menu. When I first opened the dialog, just to try it, my intuition was to look for a "Cancel button", that was well separated from the other buttons. I am not a UI expert, but I hope my experience tells you something (if it does..).
I'll see if that pop up dialog supports more than three buttons, I seem to remember having trouble getting a fourth one to work. I agree that one that goes to the main menu would be useful.

******On the information HUD, why do some of the labels have : and others =? example:
******Hole-1, Par-5, Vert:-1
I'll change that to be more consistent

******? I dont think either - : or = are needed. You could use bold text, or put the numbers in another color (white) to highlight them more.
Good idea

******Why are there three *** thingies along the player name white line?
For multi-player games, I'll get rid of them for single player games

******In the scores window, why is the close window button in the middle? Doesn't the Apple HIG state that buttons on windows should go on the bottom? The help window puts them right.
This is because I added the bottom part months after the top part, but I'll fix that for you

******For the power indicator bar, I dont know how it will look but maybe the ball could move with the bar when you press escape?
I have several improvements in store for the power indicator and 2.08 :)

******Also, it could be nice if you rounded the corners subtly on all the HUDs including the power bar (something like the new Leopard rounder corners, very subtle)
I'll see how it looks, I just got leopard recently so I'm not up to date with all of the new changes yet

******When I click view high scores from the main menu for a course, why is there a Done text label at the bottom?. I guess its a loading indicator, but when its done, it should just disappear.

******Thank you again, and remember that details matter! I hope all my suggestions in the other thread and here help you.
Your welcome, thanks for all of the suggestions, they are definitely making GL Golf a better game for everyone who plays it!
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