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Postby neilgbarclay » Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:43 am

Okay, Jake.

I still haven't attempted the Heights yet, but the improvements in the last update (beta) have really helped that possible thing.

It's a nutty version of golf, but, then, anyone interested in golf at all is not in his right senses.

With me, it wouldn't matter. Any game would do, inasmuch as sanity, not to mention coordination, has always eluded me.

Truth to tell, when it comes to any sport or physical activity, I'm spastically inclined. I finally found out that I couldn't bowl because at the critical moment, I closed my eyes. Might have affected the golf swing, too. It only took me fifty years to discover this physiognamatical flaw (if that wasn't a word before now, I just made it one - I'm not rich, but I have plenty of coinage).

Now here's one for the who-dunnit crowd: if I'd been a steeplechase rider, I'd have ended up as a mystery writer by default.

The first one to get the answer wins the prize: Total silence for the duration from yours unruly.

Herr Legende,


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