Nova Golf and Disc Golf 3D Updated to 1.13

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Nova Golf and Disc Golf 3D have been updated to version 1.13 on and are now live on the iTunes and Mac App Store.

iPhone 6 and 6+ Support (iOS)
iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Support (iOS)
Fixed a bug where music could not be playing from the device (iOS)
Increase resolution iPhone 5s (iOS)
Fixed crash with in-app purchase with iCloud backup enabled (Mac)
Compatible with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite (Mac)
Higher default resolution – 1440×900 instead of 1024×768 (Mac)
Higher default graphics settings for newer computer models (Mac)
Water graphics optimizations
Fixed Power Up button from disappearing
Fixed lost arrows
Fixed gravity effecting particle/text alerts
Fixed wind arrow
Overhead green view is now the first view in selection mode
Several other bug fixes

Critter Crush Released Through Mac App Store

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Meadville, Pennsylvania – Nuclear Nova Software has announced the release of Critter Crush – Hunting Game, a free sequel to its hit title Barnyard Blaster.

Critter Crush is an addicting 3D cartoon shooter that is sure to entertain. Hunt eleven different animals, including game such as deer/bear/duck along with more silly targets such as cow/sheep/chickens. Just make sure to avoid shooting the occasional car and truck crossing! Critter Crush will take you across twelve unique levels, each with increasing difficulty where more animals cross the screen faster and with more hit points and obstructions. Ten unique weapons are included, each advantageous in certain situations. Use the rifle to save ammo and pick off far away targets, the flame thrower for close and hard to kill animals, the shotgun for pesky flying birds, grenades for when things become overwhelming, and many more. Critter Crush is the sequel to Barnyard Blaster, a classic which has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Best of all, Critter Crush is free to download and play! (In-App Purchases available to unlock more content and remove advertisements). Also included with Critter Crush is a custom soundtrack, local and online best rounds and achievements (Game Center), and much more! Play on your Mac today, iPhone/iPad/iPod release coming in the next week!

• Macintosh running Mac OS 10.7+

Pricing and Availability:
Play now on your Mac, coming soon for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad! Critter Crush – Hunting Game 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category

App Store URL
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
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Barnyard Blaster Updated to Version 1.07

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In preparation for this months release of Critter Crush, Barnyard Blaster has been updated to version 1.07 on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Users can update through the iTunes and Mac App Stores.

Barnyard Blaster Product Page

1.07 (Mac)
Added Game Center support
Added wind to particles
Fixed cursor being off in the Y direction occasionally
Improved Lighting
Fixed affiliate links
Native compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite
Fixed minimum Mac OS X version (10.7+)
Rating reminders for each version

1.07 (iOS)
Added iPhone 6/6+ Support
Added wind to particles
Higher resolution textures
Native compatibility with iOS 8, requires iOS 7+
Improved Lighting
Added 64-bit support
Rating reminders for each version
Fixed affiliate links

GL Golf Networked Multiplayer

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We’re happy to announce that the next version of GL Golf should have turn based multiplayer through Apple’s Game Center interface! This feature should eventually make it to our other games but since GL Golf has the largest active user base we’re starting with it. Stay posted, we should be sticking to our typical three-month development cycle.

Critter Crush Announced

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Today we’re announcing Critter Crush, our first sequel to Barnyard Blaster! We had so much fun with the original that we wanted to put out another version with more levels and other modernizations, and while we were waiting on Birdie Golf assets was the perfect time for this small project. Critter Crush is in the final testing phase and should be available later this month. Checkout the product page for more info, stay posted!



GL Golf Updated To 2.47

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GL Golf has been updated to version 2.47 on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and is now live on the iTunes and Mac App Store. Please allow up to a day for the update to become available as it is still propagating through Apple’s system. The shareware version has also been updated. Check the Product Page for more information

2.47 (iOS)
iPhone 6/6+ and iOS 8 support
Added a new 18 hole course, Gypsy Hills
Significantly less memory used, fixed potential crashing on iPhone 4/4s and iPad 1/2
Added new tees for the back nine of Snowflake Ridge and Iron Wood
Added a left-handed golfer option
Wind/Power meter moved left and Swing button moved right (iPhone/iPod)
Added Music on/off preference to ProShop screen (Golf Tour Free)
Modernized Icon/Launch screen image sets

2.47 (Mac)
Added a new 18 hole course, Gypsy Hills
Added new tees for the back nine of Snowflake Ridge and Iron Wood
Added a left-handed golfer option
Fixed a bug where best rounds would not submit with mulligan pack use (Mac App Store)
Increased tournament stability

iOS Game Bundles

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Along with Apple’s iOS launch today we’re releasing three game bundles, get all of your favorite games together at one low price!

Golf Pack
Pinball Pack
Puzzle Pack (iPad Only)

New Cart-Path Lighting

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The terrain in Birdie Golf should look much better our new lighting system. Compare the old and new cart paths while we finish tweaking the other surfaces.




Birdie Golf Tree

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Things are finally starting to come together for Birdie Golf / Total Disc Golf. The artistic style is definitely changing from Nova Golf, here are a couple of the new tree models.

In other news we have a side project going as well to keep everyone here busy while the artists finish up on Birdie Golf. It’s relatively small in scope but should be tons of fun to play!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.15.20 AM


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.17.08 AM


GL Golf Cup

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What would happen if this year’s GL Golf tournaments were run similarly to how the PGA Tour runs the FedEx Cup? Well longtime golfer and tournament statistician d@ve asked that question and compiled what this years standings might look like. Check out the page below, we are thinking about linking this directly from the tournament page to promote a little more competition and participation. Thanks d@ve!

GL Golf Cup

EDIT : A New and improved version, feel free to comment before me make anything official

GL Golf Cup 2

70 Points for 1st
50 points for 2nd
35 points for 3rd
25 points for 4th thru 10th
10 points for tournament completion