Video ASCII Art Preview

We had so much fun making our Video Fractal app that we decided to to use the same technology to make another video creation utility, this time based on our ASCII Art program. Instead of converting images to still ASCII art pictures,  our app converts entire movie files! While it’s fun playing around with fractals, we see many more practical applications for ASCII art videos. We finally got something to show this morning, checkout the preview below! It’s a very rough preview, now comes there process of adding back all of the settings from ASCII Art in a nice user interface. If everything goes as well is with the Video Fractal app we expect to have this app submitted to Apple for review this week!

GL Golf Multiplayer

We’re happy to announce that version 2.48 has been submitted to Apple for review. This update brings turn based Game Center multiplayer support. Players take turns playing three holes until the rounds is fished. Unfortunately Apple does not support Game Center outside of the Mac App Store, so shareware users will have to download the Mac App Store version to take advantage of this feature. We are providing promotional codes to registered shareware users, to request one simply email with your serial number and we will send you a promo code to download the game for free from Apple. Course/Subscription packs are unable to be transferred due to limitations with Apple’s promo code system. We are releasing the shareware version 2.48 today, we expect the Mac App Store update to be approved by Apple in 5-10 days.

Mandelbrot Zoom

Here is another video we’ve been playing with this afternoon, it zooms into 1,000,000,000,000x on the Mandelbrot set! Now time to put a UI on this engine so we can release it as an app!


New Fractal Project

Check out a preview our what our next mini-app will do! More to come as soon as our Macbook Pro cools down, all four cores were pumping at 100% for several minutes for this video!

GL Golf Preview Video

Checkout our new 30 second app preview. This will show up on the app store along with the screenshots for the upcoming 2.48 update.

All Games and Apps Updates for 2014 Holidays

Some game developers finish their games and move on to the next project. Here at Nuclear Nova we like to make sure our games are always compatible with the latest operating systems and hardware. We also like to add new features that we think of from time to time, especially with our more popular games. We’re happy to announce updates to every game and app we have, that’s well over 50 updates when you take into account Mac/iOS/Lite versions! Check them out in the App Store today, we won’t bother boring you with pages of update notes here.

Critter Crush for iOS Released Through iTunes App Store

We’re happy to announce that Critter Crush, which was released on the Mac App Store last week, is now available on iOS and is available on the iTunes App Store. Check it out for free today, more info on the Product Page

GL Golf Multiplayer Testing

We just finished coding turn based multiplayer games for GL Golf and we’re now asking for help testing using Apple’s new TestFlight service. If you’re interested in signing up (iOS only, TestFlight is not available on the Mac yet) please send an email to or post here saying you’re interested and we’ll add you to the list. Once we get enough testers we’ll push out the latest version!

Nova Golf and Disc Golf 3D Updated to 1.13

Nova Golf and Disc Golf 3D have been updated to version 1.13 on and are now live on the iTunes and Mac App Store.

iPhone 6 and 6+ Support (iOS)
iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Support (iOS)
Fixed a bug where music could not be playing from the device (iOS)
Increase resolution iPhone 5s (iOS)
Fixed crash with in-app purchase with iCloud backup enabled (Mac)
Compatible with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite (Mac)
Higher default resolution – 1440×900 instead of 1024×768 (Mac)
Higher default graphics settings for newer computer models (Mac)
Water graphics optimizations
Fixed Power Up button from disappearing
Fixed lost arrows
Fixed gravity effecting particle/text alerts
Fixed wind arrow
Overhead green view is now the first view in selection mode
Several other bug fixes

Critter Crush Released Through Mac App Store

Meadville, Pennsylvania – Nuclear Nova Software has announced the release of Critter Crush – Hunting Game, a free sequel to its hit title Barnyard Blaster.

Critter Crush is an addicting 3D cartoon shooter that is sure to entertain. Hunt eleven different animals, including game such as deer/bear/duck along with more silly targets such as cow/sheep/chickens. Just make sure to avoid shooting the occasional car and truck crossing! Critter Crush will take you across twelve unique levels, each with increasing difficulty where more animals cross the screen faster and with more hit points and obstructions. Ten unique weapons are included, each advantageous in certain situations. Use the rifle to save ammo and pick off far away targets, the flame thrower for close and hard to kill animals, the shotgun for pesky flying birds, grenades for when things become overwhelming, and many more. Critter Crush is the sequel to Barnyard Blaster, a classic which has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Best of all, Critter Crush is free to download and play! (In-App Purchases available to unlock more content and remove advertisements). Also included with Critter Crush is a custom soundtrack, local and online best rounds and achievements (Game Center), and much more! Play on your Mac today, iPhone/iPad/iPod release coming in the next week!

• Macintosh running Mac OS 10.7+

Pricing and Availability:
Play now on your Mac, coming soon for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad! Critter Crush – Hunting Game 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category

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