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Video Fractal released by Nuclear Nova Software on Mac App Store

Meadville, Pennsylvania – Video Fractal is a powerful tool for creating breathtaking videos of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The 2D view allows for easy surveying and key framing, and the custom script editor can be used to fine tune each video. Export MPEG-4 videos up to 4096 x 2048 resolution with up to 240 fps and 24 hour lengths using the state of the art ffmpeg library. 2D still exports are also available while the 3D view captures spectacular images that can be exported at up to 16 megapixel resolution. Multi-processor support and an OpenGL powered renderer allow for blazing fast speed. With double precision 64-bit mathematics, Fractal 3D is capable of resolving detailed images up to an incredible 1,000,000,000,000x magnification level! To give perspective, a single atom of carbon magnified one trillion times would be longer than two football fields. Each fractal is fully customizable and changes happening in real time. First adjust the fractal set type, equation power/ constants, iterations, resolution, color scheme, and smoothing options. Once the fractal is rendered it can be explored with intuitive panning and zooming controls. After a place of interest is found, customize the 3D view by rotating the fractal, moving the camera, and adjusting the lighting. Due to the nature of fractals, the number of unique patterns to be found is limitless. Use the rendered images for desktop wallpaper, printed artwork, or just enjoy the beauty of exploring one of a kind images created by pure mathematics.

Fractal information from Wikipedia – A fractal has been defined as “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole,” a property called self-similarity. The term fractal was coined by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fr?ctus meaning “broken” or “fractured.” A mathematical fractal is based on an equation that undergoes iteration, a form of feedback based on recursion. There are several examples of fractals, which are defined as portraying exact self-similarity, quasi self-similarity, or statistical self-similarity. While fractals are a mathematical construct, they are found in nature, which has led to their inclusion in artwork. They are useful in medicine, soil mechanics, seismology, and technical analysis. A fractal often has the following features: It has a fine structure at arbitrarily small scales. It is too irregular to be easily described in traditional Euclidean geometric language. It has a simple and recursive definition. Because they appear similar at all levels of magnification, fractals are often considered to be infinitely complex (in informal terms). Natural objects that are approximated by fractals to a degree include clouds, mountain ranges, lightning bolts, coastlines, snow flakes, various vegetables (cauliflower and broccoli), and animal coloration patterns. However, not all self-similar objects are fractals —for example, the real line (a straight Euclidean line) is formally self-similar but fails to have other fractal characteristics; for instance, it is regular enough to be described in Euclidean terms.

Mac OS 10.8+

Pricing and Availability:
Video Fractal is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and is priced at $9.99 USD

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Located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Nuclear Nova Software is a privately funded company founded in 2002 by Jake Leveto. Nuclear Nova Software was founded with the intent of developing unique and challenging games with compelling game-play for the Mac platform and iPhone. Copyright 2002-2014 Nuclear Nova Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

Video ASCII Art Preview

We had so much fun making our Video Fractal app that we decided to to use the same technology to make another video creation utility, this time based on our ASCII Art program. Instead of converting images to still ASCII art pictures,  our app converts entire movie files! While it’s fun playing around with fractals, we see many more practical applications for ASCII art videos. We finally got something to show this morning, checkout the preview below! It’s a very rough preview, now comes there process of adding back all of the settings from ASCII Art in a nice user interface. If everything goes as well is with the Video Fractal app we expect to have this app submitted to Apple for review this week!

GL Golf Multiplayer

We’re happy to announce that version 2.48 has been submitted to Apple for review. This update brings turn based Game Center multiplayer support. Players take turns playing three holes until the rounds is fished. Unfortunately Apple does not support Game Center outside of the Mac App Store, so shareware users will have to download the Mac App Store version to take advantage of this feature. We are providing promotional codes to registered shareware users, to request one simply email with your serial number and we will send you a promo code to download the game for free from Apple. Course/Subscription packs are unable to be transferred due to limitations with Apple’s promo code system. We are releasing the shareware version 2.48 today, we expect the Mac App Store update to be approved by Apple in 5-10 days.

All Games and Apps Updates for 2014 Holidays

Some game developers finish their games and move on to the next project. Here at Nuclear Nova we like to make sure our games are always compatible with the latest operating systems and hardware. We also like to add new features that we think of from time to time, especially with our more popular games. We’re happy to announce updates to every game and app we have, that’s well over 50 updates when you take into account Mac/iOS/Lite versions! Check them out in the App Store today, we won’t bother boring you with pages of update notes here.